Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve – Bokmakierie trail (+-10.5km)

Route info:
•Distance: 10.5km
•Difficulty: 3/5 – Moderate to hard at times, a couple of tough, short climbs that gives you an elevation gain of just over 470m, with a steep climb at the start and a steep descend
at the finish
•Gear: Day pack, with minimum 2l water and snacks to eat halfway, a walking stick does make the ascending and descending easier to navigate through. Trail running shoes should be
adequate, but a boots are advisable.

From the moment you get to the access gate, you’re greeted by friendly, informative staff and you just get the feeling that you’re going to have a great day.
You start the hike at the foot of the hill, in a clockwise direction… immediately the heart starts pulsating and you instantly regret that extra slice of pizza from the previous night.

The first 2 km’s are straight up, reaching an elevation gain of 190m, at certain points the grade reaches 25%.
Once at the top, you get a bird’s eye view of the rest of the reserve, with the Tourist road, mostly used for cycling, meandering in the distance.
From here there is a steep descend at similar grades to the previous climb – The views are breathtaking and well worth the muscle aches.
The rest of the hike rolls up and down, with strenuous kicks and turns.

At the 7 km mark you cross the Tourist road for the second time, this is an ideal area to drop the backpack and relax a bit, with a toilet facility available
(not 5 star, but it works, just to mention)

The fitter hiker has a choice of doing an extended route, just before the road crossing, this ends up to be about 12km total (500m Elevation Gain)

The rest of the hike is more of the same, steep rocky climbs, great views and a steep descend to the parking lot where you started.

In my opinion, one of the best hiking areas, within a stone’s throw of Jo’burg.

Rating: 8/10

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Reserve information:
•Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
R550, Heidelberg
(Google Maps link)
•Entrance fee for hikers/day visitor:
Adults: R30
Pensioners: R20
Children: R20
Vehicle: R20
(Entrance fee correct when posted, 03.10.18)

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