Campingaz Bleuet® Micro plus Review

When I first saw this little burner, I thought it was not going to “light my fire” (pardon the pun)
Damn, was I wrong, this is a case of dynamite comes in small packages.
Weighing in at only 180g, compared to the Campingaz Twister plus Cooker, at 263g, its light and durable.
Even though it’s not as light as the Fire Maple Gas Stove – Standard, at 103g, it comes in at about R100 cheaper, might be worth the compromise.


My own stats gathered through testing:

  • Boiling time
    • 5.5 minutes for 1 liter kettle
  • Burning time
    • I managed to get 180+ minutes with the CV300 canister, even though the Campingaz reckons about 160 minutes.


  1. Lightweight (180g excluding canister)
  2. Cheap (take a lot has them for R225 at the time this entry was published)
  3. Folds up small enough to store away almost anywhere.
  4. Connects to the canister via the easy click plus system, for easy assembly


  1. No wind protection (I advise using a wind shield or inside the overnight cabin)

Here is a link to Campingaz youtube video
(courtesy of Campingaz® EMEA official channel)

Campingaz® Bleuet® Micro Plus – 1 Burner Backpacking Stove – EN

This could be me being biased, because I own one, but I love the little thing.
For the price I paid, and for the results I have seen, I’m convinced this is a good buy

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