Our Story

Starting out as very socialable people, with absolutely no intent to do any form of activity, to a group that enjoys spending time outdoors.

This is our platform to escape from the rat race, to get in touch with our "roots", excuse the pun.

Only thing that hasn't changed is the need for an ice cold beer at the end of the day.



Meet the Team

Husband and wife combo, which enjoys spending time outside, either mountain biking, camping, trail running, kayaking, etc.

They have started hiking, and fell in love with it immediately.


Justin Barnard


Justin has been living an active lifestyle for the last 10 years, but enjoys socialising with friends and strangers alike.

Working in the engineering field, and as a former manager to rock bands, he has always enjoyed the outdoors, it is a way of him breaking away from reality and regrouping in life.


Sheree Barnard


Sheree has been a nature lover since before she can remember. If there is an animal that needs help, she is the first one to step up.

Also a social butterfly, when she gets to know you, prefers a decent Gin, instead of a beer, because it "smells like flowers".